Sometimes we think we are doing the right thing. So, if you are doing the right thing, why are you putting weight on or aren’t you loosing any? Book a session to discuss how you can improve your diet based on an analysis of your current food intake, get personalised tips on food choices and ways to overcome temptation.

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  • Patrizia Di Deco


  • Food diary analysis

  • BMI calculation

  • Body Fat Percentage calculation

  • Energy requirement in calories

Pricing Plan

  • 1-Online Session –            Click here to order
                                                    £ 50

  • 1- Online Session + 1 follow up sessions           Click here to order
                                                    £ 90

  • 1-Session –            Click here to order
                                                    £ 60

  • 1-Session + 1 follow up sessions           Click here to order
                                                    £ 100