• Happy New Year!!! New Year Resolution?

    Happy New Year!!! New Year Resolution?

    A new year is about to start, and I can already see you drawing up a list of the things you want to do as soon as 1st January comes:

    Exercise more, stop drinking, stop eating chocolate, loose weight, be nicer to people, find a new job, learn a new language, travel more….

    …and the list goes on and on…

    All these are good intentions and it would be great if we could stick to them but, more often than not, good intentions start on 1st of January and by 1st of February they are already postponed to next year.

    Gym memberships are at their pick on January and gyms are annoyingly full on this month so I avoid going because I can’t work out properly. Thanks God, on February the majority of people are gone and things get back to normal.

    But why does this happen?

    First of all, because we want to change too many things and we don’t focus on anything in particular. So my first advise is: choose one or two things you really want to change in your life and work on those. 

    Second: when we decide to make a change, this has to be gradual, requires a lot of will power and/or support. 

    For example: we eat healthy food on Monday and on Tuesday, but on Wednesday we have a big curry with few glasses of wine…and well: “I didn’t keep to my diet so, let me have some cake as well, I will start again on Monday” and so you overdo it on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When Monday comes, you may not feel like starting again and so another week will go by. Same goes for going to the gym, or saying no to the extra glass of wine, or postponing learning the 10 words a day in French you said you were going to learn from 1st January…

    So what can we do? There are two main groups of people: the ones who are not ready to change yet and so they will find every excuse not to do what they have promised themselves, and the ones who really want to change but don’t know how to go about. To the second group I would say: forget about Mondays and 1st of January, every day is good to start your change. Falling off the wagon one day, doesn’t mean you have failed, it means that you are human, there was a reason why you didn’t stick to your resolution. Analyze what the reason was, then accept it, learn from it and move on. Every day, every moment is good to start a change.

    If you really want to change, get the support of your family and friends, good friends, the ones who really care about you, not the ones who can undermine all your plans. Get help from a professional. Don’t be put off by thinking that hiring a trainer or going to a dietitian will be expensive, make some enquiries, see what they can offer you, you will find out that it won’t break the bank and will be worth it. You could be spending hundreds of pounds in potions and lotions that promise you to make you loose 10 kg in a week, detox teas, sessions of liposuction… But these are all short term remedies that will not last and will waste your money.  

    Invest on yurself, talk to a dietitian or a personal trainer, they will give you the instruments to help you make a long lasting change, with no false promises but in a safe and effective way, saving you time and money finally taking you where you want to be.