• Having a Personal Trainer: is it really expensive?

    Having a Personal Trainer: is it really expensive?

    Many people think that hiring a personal trainer is expensive but in this article I would like to demonstrate that actually, hiring a Personal Trainer is money well spent.
    So, you have been going to the gym for a while, you have been shown how to use few basic machines, probably you haven’t got a clue about what some of the equipment is for and you end up doing always the same exercises, the ones you like more.
    You do a bit of this, a bit of that, maybe you are even trying to watch what other people do and copy the movements (by the way, this could be dangerous, I will write another article about it as the topic deserves some space). After one hour you decide that you have been working out enough and you head for the showers.
    Although any type of movement is good, this does not mean that you will get the results you want. After few months, if not few weeks, you get fed up and don’t go to the gym anymore, although you have signed up for a year and so you still have to pay for the membership…
    Hiring a Personal Trainer, especially as soon as you enroll at the gym, will be an investment for life.
    A Personal Trainer will design a program including exercises that will give the results you want in a quicker way. A Personal Trainer will teach you how to do the exercises in the correct form, what each machine is for, he or she will motivate you, push you to do things you never thought you could do.
    You don’t have to have a Personal Trainer for life, just few sessions will put you on the right track and then you will start enjoying going to the gym because those machines will not be daunting anymore, you will be able to perform exercises knowing you won’t hurt yourself and you will start enjoying the benefit of a proper workout.
    A session with a good Personal Trainer, cost an average of £50 but most PT offer discounts for block bookings. You probably spend much more on a night out, on a haircut, on a new pair of shoes that will just add to your collection… Same as you need a professional to do your hair or your nails or fix your car, you need a professional to “fix” your fitness. It is not “how much it costs” but rather “how much you value it”. A hairdresser will not teach you how to do your hair yourself, a mechanic will not teach you how to fix the car, you will have to go back to them when the problem arises again. A Personal Trainer will teach you how to look after your body, how to be fitter and healthier. And what is more precious than your own health, the confidence of feeling good…Don’t you think that is great value for money?