Weight Loss Challenge

Want to loose weight and get in better shape but don’t want to spend a fortune? Take the challenge! At the beginning of the programme  we will agree on a safe weight loss to be reached by the end of the programme. If you achieve it, you will get 30% of your money back!

8 weeks (16 personal training sessions + nutrition advice) = £560

12 weeks (24 personal training sessions + nutrition advice) = £840

Kick Start Package
8 Personal Training Sessions at £280

Loosing weight and getting in shape will not happen in one week. Book this convenient package, you will have a personal trainer following you over 4 to 8 weeks (one or two times a week) and you will definitely see results.




A New You – Free 8 week programme – Expired
Sponsored by Brent Council – Booking essential, get in touch by using our contact form.

This is a programme aimed at women and young girls who are new to exercise or currently inactive and that want to start exercising and feel better. There will be 8 classes where you will learn how to exercise safely and how to perform a number of exercises to improve your cardiovascular system and to tone your muscles. There will be two lessons in the park to learn how to use Outdoor Gyms. Also, there will be an introductory class explaining the programme and giving nutritional advice.

The programme will start on 12th January 2018, You will also have the chance to win a free personal training session at the end of the programme.


Click here, we will be in touch shortly to confirm availability and methods of payment