“I leave workouts with Patricia, feeling challenged and positive. She motivates me to push myself, and has taught me a lot about the proper way to do specific exercises so as not to injure myself. I look forward to my workouts with her!

Thanks Patricia for a great bootcamp!”

“I started training with Patrizia because I wanted to lose weight and tone following a major knee operation.  Another reason for wanting a personal trainer was to regain my fitness and confidence, which was at an all-time low.

Patrizia is a knowledgeable, thorough and effective trainer who explains and demonstrates how to do the exercises clearly and patiently.  The first two sessions I had with her were spent with us both working out what exercises I liked and would get the results I wanted.

Patrizia sets demanding and challenging routines, which contain a lot of variety so you never get bored.

She has a ‘yes you can’ attitude that rubs off unto her clients.

Although I’m still working towards my body goal, working with Patrizia has improved my self-esteem.  I am no longer afraid to go into the gym on my own and I am lifting weights and using equipment that I only ever used to dream about.”

Helen – Female, 49

“I booked few sessions as I wanted to loose some weight and get fitter. Patrizia did a thorough initial assessment and took some measurements including weight and body fat. The sessions were always varied and enjoyable and Patrizia is very knowledgeable and patient. After six weeks I lost 4.5 kg and now I feel more energetic and confident.”

Shadi – Female, 46

“I have always been overweight and my doctor advised me to start some physical activity. I was new to the gym and didn’t really know what to do. My friends told me that with an induction they would show me the machines and give me a basic program but I wanted someone to follow me at least in the beginning because I didn’t want to waste time. I booked 5 sessions with Patrizia and the first day she gave me a program and showed me how to do the exercises. In each session she kept reminding me about staying in the correct position and how to breathe and I realised that, following her advise, I could feel my muscles really work! After only 5 weeks I went from weighting 94 Kg to 89.6. I was very happy because it was the first time, after a long time, that my weight dropped below 90 Kg! I now go regularly to the gym, I feel more confident, I started eating better, I am not that chubby anymore and I even started building some muscles!”

Aaron – Male, 16

“Thanks for helping me try to get back to shape. It was a difficult time as I was nursing some injuries. You were helpful and professional dealing with my situation”

Asghar – Male, 72