• Simple Mobility Exercises – Lower Body

    Some simple mobility exercises: do 10 on each side

    1 – With your back on the wall, bring your feet about one step away from the wall, keep the feet shoulders width apart and knees in line with hips and ankles. Slowly slide your back down on the wall until you reach a sitting position. Hold for three seconds and slide back up

    2 – Standing lift one foot by bending your knee towards your chest. Keep the abdominal muscles contracted to help with balance and protect the spine. The main purpose of the exercise is to help the mobility of the hips so, if you struggle with balance, you can do the exercise using the wall or a chair as a support. Each time try to rely less and less on the support so to build confidence. Repeat 10 times each side by alternating legs

    3 – Face a wall and place your hands shoulders high. Feet slightly apart, raise one leg to the side, bring it back and repeat 10 times before changing to the other leg.

    4 – Similar exercise but this time stand with the wall on your side. Place your left hand on the wall, keeping it straight and hinging at the hip, slowly swing the leg back and forth, you should feel a contraction of the gluts. Make sure that you keep a neutral back when you swing your leg, don’t arch or round the spine.

    5 – Place a step or couple of thick books on the floor. Slowly step up with one foot and down again. Try to use the strength of the front of the leg to step up rather than pushing with the back leg. Repeat 10 times on one side and than change to the other side.

    6 – Place your hands on the wall and bring your feet away about 60 cm from the wall. Step in front with one foot and, keeping always the whole foot flat on the floor, push the knee forward to help flexibility of the ankle, hold for 3 seconds and bring the knee back but hold the foot in the same position The back leg stays always straight. Repeat 10 times and change legs.