• Simple Mobility Exercises: Upper body

    Some simple Mobility Exercises – do 10 repetitions each

    Neck (performed while standing, legs shoulders width apart or sitting down):

    1 – look forward, then slowly turn your head to look right, come back to centre and look left, back to centre and start again

    2 – look forward, slowly bend your head to the right, bringing your ear towards your shoulder. make sure you don’t lift the shoulder but only extend the side of the neck. Come back to centre, bend your head towards your left, back to centre and start again.

    3 – look forward, turn your head to the right and lower your chin towards the right shoulder. From here draw a frontal semicircle keeping the chin close to your body and when you reach the left shoulder, look up to your left and start again. Make sure that you only bend to the front, extending the back of the neck and you do not perform a full circle as this may cause damage to your cervical spine.

    Shoulders (performed while standing with feet shoulder width apart)

    1 – Arms relaxed on the side of your body, rotate your shoulders forward starting with slow small movements and then increase the range of motion. Repeat 10 times and then rotate the shoulders backwards in the same way.

    2 – elbows close to your body, forearms facing forward with palms facing each other. Keeping the elbows close to your body, slowly rotate the forearms outwards as much as you can but without forcing and stopping as soon as you feel any discomfort. Bring the forearms to the starting position

    3 – arms along our body, palms facing pack. Slowly raise your arms to the front keeping your palms parallel to the floor and with a smooth movement start rotating your arms bringing them to your side in a T position and ending with palms facing up. Reverse the movement by rotating towards the front, palms slowly facing down and arms back to the side of the body with palms facing back.


    1 – Stand very close to a wall facing it. Position your hands on the wall so that your elbows are in line with your shoulders and form 90° with your forearms. Slowly crawl with your fingers up the wall until your arms are completely extended and then crawl your fingers down to the starting point while squeezing your shoulder blades together

    2 – Stand with your back and entire body touching the wall. Bring elbows in line with your shoulders, forming 90° with the forearms, palms facing forward. Slide your arms up on the wall until extended, then slide them down to starting position