• Virtual Trainer: Pros and Cons of training over the Internet

    Virtual Trainer: Pros and Cons of training over the Internet

    We are in the world of digital…everything!

    Nowadays, more and more trainers are offering training over the Internet and through Apps. 

    But is it really good?

    There are some good points about it:

    • It is cheaper (or it seems to be, I will explain later)
    • You don’t need to leave the house or you can train anywhere
    • It can give a kick start to people who feel self conscious about training in a gym or park

    On the other hand though, this type of training is not “personal”. Most of the times it is based on general exercises that yes, are good for the general population, but they are not too effective and can also be dangerous. There are mainly two types of training over the Internet, one is similar to taking part in a class, with an instructor doing the exercises and you following. The routine may include exercises that you can do, others that are too easy for you or too difficult. Yes, you can trod along, but this wouldn’t be an effective work out because you may not benefit from half of it, it is just not designed for you. Moreover, if you don’t perform it properly, you can hurt yourself and, while you are on the floor, in pain with a twisted ankle, the instructor on the other side of the screen will carry on happily jumping up and down. 

    The other type of training is 1 to 1, where you pay a subscription and you will connect to a trainer over Skype or some other virtual mean. In this case you may go through the normal process of an assessment to establish what is your current lifestyle, your medical history, what you want to achieve etc. and a personalised programme is designed for you. Up to this point, everything is fine. But when it comes to performing the exercises, a virtual session is far less beneficial than a session with a real Personal Trainer by your side. Through the screen the PT cannot analyze you from different angles, cannot see if you are in the correct position or even give you a hand when you need. “ok, do 10 squats…wait…show me this from your right….now from your left…” you can’t keep moving like if you are in front of a film director for a casting.

    Moreover, you can’t keep a good position while exercising if you  keep twisting your neck to loock at the screen.

    You may be paying less for a virtual PT session but you may end up paying week after week for little results. 

    A session with a real PT may cost you a little bit more, but it is a better investment. A good PT will show you exactly how you have to perform each exercise and will give you the personal attention and human approach that a virtual PT cannot give you. You are not only paying for the expertise, you are also paying for the motivation, the encouragement, for help in achieving what you want to achieve. 

    Training over the Internet is like driving a moped: it takes you from A to B but it will take you much longer and on the way it may rain, you get wet, you don’t have space where to carry items and car driver will shout at you for getting on the way … Training with a real Personal Trainer is like driving a luxury car: it takes you from A to B in a quicker way, even if it rains you don’t get wet, you have a big boot where to store things, you can listen to music…and you can shout at moped drivers for getting on the way 🙂

    You don’t need endless sessions with a real PT, in just few sessions you can learn what is appropriate for you, how to exercise safely and will build the confidence that, if you follow the advice,  you can achieve what you want to achieve.