• Want to start a new regime? A long walk starts with a small step…

    Want to start a new regime? A long walk starts with a small step…

    Too often we want quick results in everything we do but unfortunately this is not always possible. 

    Especially when we talk about starting a healthier regime, if we want lasting results, we have to accept that we need to take things slowly but steadily at least until we have become stronger in our will.

    Suddenly cutting out all our favorite foods, will lead us to crave even more that food few days later and so we go on a binge, we feel frustrated and we give up. Same if we start going to the gym five days a week when our only exercise before was to get up from the sofa to go to the fridge…

    If until now you haven’t done anything to look after your health but you start thinking that you should because this will make you feel better about yourself and will definitely improve minor (and sometimes major) conditions you may have, than read on.

    No matter how bad your habits can be now, everything can be improved and even changed forever.

    First thing first: establish why you want to start a new regime. Maybe you want to loose some weight, maybe you want to reduce your cholesterol or your blood pressure… Picture yuorself how you would feel once you have achieved your goal and always keep this in mind when your will is faltering.

    Second: there is no escape. Improvement comes only if you begin to eat better and if you introduce exercise in your lifestyle. Good news is that everybody can achieve this, including you.

    In order to help you kick start, I will give you couple of suggestions every week and what I would like you to do is to start adopting just those suggestions for that week and carrying on as normal with the rest of your life. The following week you will add two more good habits, the week after another two and so on.

    It may be that some of the things I say, are already not part of your routine, so just ignore them and embrace the other changes I suggest. 

    After 6 months, you will have picked up 26 good habits!

    Come back next week for your week 1 tips.